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Who Is a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist?

What exactly is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a term used by digital marketing specialists employed by search engine companies to improve conversion rate optimization of websites and social media pages. 

Attaching more traffic to a website via organic methods is certainly a positive, but generating sales through such conversions is also a major win. The goal is to provide the site visitors with the information they are seeking in the shortest amount of time. Such actions will increase revenue. CRO for organic search results will also help improve website ranking. This might be highly valued by those who want to rank their website higher on a search engine result page (SERP). By employing CRO measures, the conversion rate and visitors amounts may increase and therefore bring more revenue to the business. The goal of CRO is not only about driving traffic but improving sales as well as customer satisfaction.

Tests and Data Analysis by Conversion Optimization Specialists

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) maturity model

To analyze the conversion rate optimization (CRO) and test the effectiveness of certain tactics, marketers generally employ several web usability tests, including various kinds of web user experience tests, such as: 

  • A/B Testing (comparing different web pages or variations of the same page, to determine which one is most effective) 
  • Multivariate testing (testing several pages at once; also known as “A/B/N Split Testing”) 
  • Usability testing (assessing a website’s usability and its impact on user behavior
  • Heatmapping tests (tracking webpage usage by creating heatmaps of user behavior) 
  • Session Replay analysis (a frame-by-frame replay of what a user saw on a site during an actual visit for detailed analysis); this type of UX test is not very popular yet.

The most common CRO test is the basic usability test. However, other tests may be necessary depending upon the type of conversion rate optimization specialist employed and the nature of the conversion rate optimization strategy adopted.

It is crucial that the conversion rate optimization specialist thoroughly explains the purpose of each test they are going to use. Moreover, they should provide clear instructions on how to conduct each test. Test results should be interpreted and the data provided should be reliable. This way, effective CRO strategies can be put into effect.

Experienced conversion rate optimization specialist knows that testing should always begin at page one. A good conversion rate optimization specialist makes it a point to conduct a comprehensive set of tests, including on-page, as well as off-page examinations. If testing concludes that an off-page trial yields better results, then it should continue there. However, if testing reveals that on-page yields better results then off-page testing should continue also. Thus, a comprehensive test plan is mandatory.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is the process of optimizing a particular Web site with search engine-friendly copy based on specific keywords. A good conversion rate optimization specialist will test each element of the landing page optimization plan and report the results. However, experts recommend conducting different tests to achieve the best overall optimization results. These tests include pay per click and cost per thousand impressions tests, as well as page analysis and testing for duplicate content. It takes an experienced professional to evaluate the validity of specific tests and come up with a realistic set of assumptions. An ideal expert will examine the importance of each test and recommend what conversion rate optimization techniques would yield the best results.

A conversion rate optimization specialist will also study a company’s potential traffic and existing customer base to determine which keywords will work best for optimization. Keyword testing is the first step in designing a successful online marketing campaign. An expert will recommend using specific phrases, words and short forms along with relevant results from Google Adwords tests to develop a keyword list. The most common mistake businesses make when they begin an internet advertising campaign is not focusing on specific phrases. If this test recommends that “red widgets” should be included in the keyword list, then:

  • “red widgets,”
  • “widgets,” 
  • even possibly “widgets” can be used as well.

A specialist will also research the history of these keywords to find out how often each one has been used.

What Does It Take To Be A Good Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist?

Optimization and testing expert

All the tests, conducted for the conversion optimization process, as well as the process itself, should be only performed by well-trained specialists. These people are experts in their field, who can create optimization strategies that are unique to your website or application. That’s why the role of individual conversion rate optimization adviser is currently one of the most popular positions among online marketing executives. Your job is to find a specialist for this position, with all the necessary skills and qualifications, as well as experience in performing various types of tests for conversion rate optimization. The main tasks of an individual conversion rate optimization advisor are:

  • creating unique strategic approaches for each client;
  • advising on changes during test development; 
  • conducting experiments based on pre-developed scenarios; 
  • analyzing findings from testing data and making conclusions for further improvement.

As you can, these tasks require not only specific knowledge and skills of the specialist but also experience in performing various types of tests. However, personal qualities are also something to consider. A good conversion rate optimization specialist is not only patient and understanding, but also creative, with a strong ability to see the “whole picture” of business processes.