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Udacity A/B Testing Program

Udacity is an education-focused organization that offers guided courses on the internet through its website  Udacity. They are committed to making education accessible, affordable, and highly effective. 

Udacity offers nano degrees for individuals looking to gain marketable skills in a fast-paced world (Thille). In addition, Udacity has partnered with several companies so that students can get their hands on the latest technology while studying (Thillet), including:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • AT&T
  • Salesforce

Udacity is available in over 100 countries worldwide and provides courses online. The platform was created by Sebastian Thrun after he had taught an artificial intelligence class at Stanford University – 150 students signed up for the course which typically only 80 would be allowed to take. Udacity takes advantage of recent developments in information technology including Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide cheap education to the masses (Thillet). It has co-founders David Stavens who is currently the CEO of Udacity, and Koller who is currently an advisor to Udacity.

Udacity Courses

Udacity partners with technology companies to create career-relevant curriculum that high schoolers are looking for. Udacity’s A/B testing program was created in collaboration with Optimizely after Udacity learned that its students were not always confident enough in their abilities or knowledge of a subject area. Therefore, Udacity solves this problem by providing tailored content so that each student can get just what they need.

For example, Udacity has two courses dedicated to A/B testing. Both describe the process in detail, with the latter offering an in-depth review of the test results. Moreover, you can also explore Udacity’s digital marketing programs to learn more. However, the A/B testing courses specifically are not what you might be looking for. If you’re interested in advancing your career, a certificate program, or online learning, you may want to check out the courses offered by Udacity.

This course is taught by experienced lecturers and is free to take. The courses range from free nano degrees to robust degrees focused on TECH careers. Unlike other programs, Udacity has recognized credentials and earns commissions from purchases. Those who take the course can be sure to learn from an expert in their field. And the program will be delivered online, making it convenient and affordable for everyone.

A/B Testing and Statistics

If you want to learn more about A/B testing, it is a good idea to know a little bit about statistics. You’ll need to understand descriptive and inferential statistics. As a result, you can determine whether you’re experiencing change aversion. The benefits of using statistical methods for recommending relevant content includes:

  1. preventing rather than provisioning
  2. increasing students’ engagement 
  3. the decreasing number of clicks

The objective of A/B testing is to measure the differences between two groups. The difference between the two groups is statistically significant when all the variables are controlled for. If the first group is more likely to complete a course, the second is more likely to complete it. The second is less likely to, but still, it will require some time. In a controlled study, you might choose to collect the data from both groups.

When conducting a study, you can also use statistical analysis software to gather data. For instance, you might use Udacity’s AB testing courses to determine which methods work best. In a study, the results are reported using the method of choice. A/B testing is a form of qualitative research. This method is used to evaluate the effectiveness of an experiment. The goal is to reduce the amount of frustration and to identify how different groups of people react to the same stimulus.

Udacity A/B Testing: Summary

By the end of Udacity’s A/B testing program, Udacity students can expect to know how to write SQL queries and do statistical analysis. Udacity is known for its industry connections – Udacity partners with companies like AT&T, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and Clouderafor partnerships that lead to job placement. Udacity plans on expanding its program offerings into web development or data science through its successful Public Benefit Corporation model. 

Udacity’s decision to implement A/B testing into its course builds upon the platform’s commitment to learning. Udacity, for example, is one of the first MOOCs to employ Learn Building Blocks – a method for creating mini-lessons that are grouped as classes. Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun had this to say about Udacity’s decision: “We wanted our students to be more successful in their future careers…We also wanted them to have real-world skills they could use immediately.” Udacity’s decision was made with student success and job placement in mind.