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As the VP of Marketing and Sales, I am Gruen Agency’s internal marketing strategist and chief brand evangelist. Frankly, I get into everybody else’s stuff – website, content, social marketing, search marketing, industry thought leadership, digital advertising, consulting, speaking and training. Take a listen to Search Talk Live as I help interview other industry experts about digital marketing.

Over the course of this crazy career I have worked in-house for several consumer brands, provided content for travel brands, and consulted with nearly every type of small business under the sun. I wake up every day totally fascinated by marketing systems and how they touch the every-day lives of people. Every opportunity I get to teach or train someone else about marketing communication gives me joy.

Along with all of that, I am the designated cool mom with three mostly to nearly adult children. I love to travel and meet new people. And, in those rare moments of free time, I love to read and write historic and steampunk fiction. 

"Growing an E-commerce Store’s Profits by Optimizing Paid and Organic Search" with Michelle Stinson Ross

Interview Excerpt Below:

“Grant: Okay. And you guys … You mentioned that you’ve been in business for 25 years, so that’s an obvious track record. And why would an e-commerce business come to you guys in the first place?

Michelle: We actually specialize in conversions, and I happen to have a case study that we did for an e-com client. And just sort of give you a sense of the success rate that we have for digital marketing with e-com. After our study, they had an 88% increase in active products able to appear in Google search results. They had a 98% decrease in errors related to their advertised product information, and 61% decrease in the cost per acquisition, without giving it any sales volume whatsoever.

Grant: Nice. And what type of e-commerce store was that? Can you say in general?

Michelle: Yes, this was one of the case studies that is available on our website. This was work that we did for Maui Jim, the sunglasses company.

Grant: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Michelle: Yeah. It was a combination of both paid and organic search that we were able to get those kinds of results. One of the big things that Maui Jim really needed was just to make sure that their product pages and particularly the product feed to Google was consistent across the board, product, to product, to product. And just by cleaning up their product feed, we were able to get results like that. That was before we even turned on paid search. But then we also layered on that process, with some better campaign positioning. So that. our paid search, we were able to put the right product in front of the right person at the right time and lower that cost, per acquisition.

Grant: Okay, and if you were to start working with an e-commerce agency, what would be the number one thing you guys would utilize in order to grow their profits?

Michelle: It would really be kind of that same process I just described for Maui Jim. We would do an audit of existing Google shopping campaigns, look to make sure that their paid campaigns were optimized, that they were properly segmented, that sort of stuff. That we could turn things on and off as needed. And also, take a really long, hard look at their product feeds to make sure that when people go to organic search, that in the carousel, the right product was showing for organic search as well.

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