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With a no B.S. attitude, Kristin is the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency (formerly award-winning firm, Marquet Media). She oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency as well as directs all client accounts and projects. Kristin also develops, manages, and implements various internal and external communication and social media initiatives. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful internal and external communication programs across all media platforms.

Kristin has forged successful partnerships with celebrity fashion designer and correspondent NV Nick Verreos; prestige hair care brand Briogeo; French accessory designer Mona Roussette; and many more. She has generated media placements in Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Seventeen, Glamour, and ELLE magazines,, and countless other outlets.

Kristin holds a master's degree in marketing and PR from New York University, and is also a contributor to,, and She is the owner of business consultancy,, and the founder of the lifestyle tech startup, She is also the author of the book, Squash the competition and Dominate your marketplace: 55 easy Tips to Generate Big Publicity for your startup or small business.

"Using Pinterest and PR to Boost Your Revenue and Subscribers" with Kristin Marquet

Interview Excerpt Below:

“Grant: Nice, so you’re driving Pinterest. You’re putting your pins up, I guess. I don’t know a ton about Pinterest. You’re driving them to your website. A little more specifics on that, please.

Kristin: Yeah, absolutely. OK, so many people think of Pinterest as a social network, but it really isn’t. It’s more of a search engine. It’s like a visual engine. It’s fantastic if you optimize all your boards in your profile for whatever you’re trying to rank for, just like you would on Google. It’s going to increase your rankings, obviously, in the search results, but your pins are going to start showing up consistently and getting re-pinned.

The great thing about Pinterest, unlike Instagram, is all of your pins, you’re able to link back to different blog posts or a landing page to get email opt-ins. It is a great way to build an email list. I would say I actually have a couple other side businesses. Pinterest is our largest drivers for those businesses, as well, which I’m not going to really get into, because it’s not really relevant to this conversation.

I can sit here and talk about Pinterest for a million hours, for days and days on end. But essentially, you want to optimize your profile, your board with the right keywords. You want to make sure that your pins are aesthetically pleasing, they look good. You pin them to the right boards. You join group boards so that you can reach more audiences. You link back to all of the right blog posts or landing pages so that you could get people to opt into your newsletter, or your website, or content upgrades, or whatever it is you’re trying to promote. It’s fantastic.

Grant: Wow, that sounds pretty slick, OK. I never thought of the power of Pinterest, but now you’re making me a believer. And the second part to that question, since you own an agency as well, what would you recommend to an eCommerce store to grow their profits as quickly as possible? What techniques or strategies? But if you’re only going to say one.

Kristin: If I could only say one, as an agency, yeah, I think that eCommerce businesses, the best way to build your business is definitely trying to execute a PR plan. It’s not rocket science. I actually have a free course for people that are interested in dipping their toe into the vast world of PR, without hiring an agency, so that they can learn the basics. It’s actually called the PR Academy. I could actually share that link with you later, but PR could be a game-changer for your eCommerce business, especially if you end up getting links back to your website from websites like the Huffington Post, Bustle, BuzzFeed, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, anywhere your market or target audiences hang out.

It’s not that hard like I said. You don’t need to hire a PR firm if you’re just starting out because PR firms are very expensive. They’re $5,000, $10,000 a month, and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get coverage. Once you learn the basics of PR, it’s like the sky’s the limit for eCommerce businesses.

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