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As President and Founder of Anvil Media, Inc., Kent Lewis is responsible for ensuring the company is living its mission and vision by managing overall corporate strategy including operations, business development, sales and marketing. Specializing in analytics, search engine and social media marketing services, Anvil is an integrated marketing consultancy which provides measurable marketing that moves clients’ businesses forward. Under his leadership since 2000, Anvil has accumulated the following awards and recognition:
  • Inc. 5000: Fastest growing private companies in America
  • Portland Business Journal: Oregon’s Most Admired Companies
  • Portland Business Journal: Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies (for five consecutive years)
  • Portland Business Journal: Corporate Philanthropy Awards winner
  • Clutch: Top Pay-per-Click Agencies in America  

"One Critical Aspect You Must Improve on Your Website" with Kent Lewis 


Interview Excerpt Below:

Grant: Okay, excellent. Now for the big money question of the day, since you are the owner of an agency, what is the one thing that you would do for eCommerce companies that makes the biggest difference in their profits, just limit it to one thing today.

Kent: Yeah, man that’s hard, hard, hard.

Grant: I know.

Kent: I will go back to my time at The very first thing I did was focus on site speed. I noticed that the site was graphically heavy, but keep in mind, this is 2000, right before I started Anvil actually. They basically had a highly graphical website that was very slow to load, like thirty-second download speed, and I figured before I did any optimization or any other forms of marketing selling people that I had to clean up, expedite the sites to improve conversion rates, and that made a big difference. Interestingly, you look today, 2017 and beyond, Google has determined that’s a ranking factor, right? Site speed is so important they give you a free site speed tool to make sure that your site speed is under say five seconds or you’re losing upwards of twenty-five percent of your conversion rate, just due to site speed alone. That’s the single biggest thing you can do, I think, to improve your conversion rates.

Grant: Okay. You mentioned a couple, there’s a tool that Google gives out. Where would someone find that if they were interested in checking out their site speed?

Kent: Yeah, you actually just go to Google and Google, ironically, Google site speed. I’m doing it right now. Google site speed tool, and you basically, it will send you to a URL, an interface. It’s called Page Speed Tools, and you can copy, paste your domain in and it will tell you how fast your site is.

Grant: Okay, and they do that for mobile as well, I believe.

Kent: Yes. They tell you how responsive your site is. Is it mobile responsive and then how fast your speed is on mobile and desktop.

Grant: Okay.

Kent: It’s pretty helpful.

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