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For the last 25 years as a sales professional, marketing consultant, trainer, international speaker and coach, John has helped clients generate millions of dollars in businesses all around the world in almost every imaginable industry. He has had the unique privilege to have conducted over 5,000 one-on-one strategic focus sessions with Managing Directors, CEO's and Entrepreneurs in over 140 different industry groups. In those focus sessions he was able to see how they grew their businesses, what they did to market their businesses, what worked and what didn’t work, who their customers were, what their strategy and tactics were, their sales processes and their metrics for managing their businesses.

In the last 18 months John has helped launch 27 consulting businesses that have generated over $4.2 million dollars in consulting contracts around the world. Most importantly, John cuts through all the fluff and gives you real actionable strategies that work.

"Why Getting to Know Your Customers is Essential to Your E-commerce Store’s Success" with John Logar


Interview Excerpt Below:

Grant: Okay, excellent. And here’s the big question of the day. What’s the one thing that you do for eCommerce companies that makes the biggest difference in their profits? If you could just narrow it down to one thing.

John: One thing. Getting to know your customers really well, you know. That’s probably the biggest thing because the more you drill down into the customers behavior, how they purchase, how they think and adjusting your offerings because the idea is to create the optimum offer to maximize your conversions and sales. The more time you spend in looking at your data in relations to how customers buy, when they buy, what price points actually work.

So, testing your price points. So, getting to know your customer means tweaking your message, tweaking your offers, tweaking your information, the nurturing, even tweaking the way that they engage. Do they engage with your audio, video? Do they go straight to your eCommerce platform to purchase? Other ways that you add value that they want. Do you build a community around your customers? Those sorts of things have significant impacts that I’ve seen with the people that I work with and even in my own eCommerce businesses. The more I understand who is buying, how they’re buying, and why and when they’re buying that help, that can make significant strides to huge spikes in sales, you know. Sometimes you have this idea of getting consistent sales and you grow and you grow and you’re spending more money advertising and marketing and you’re trying to build that audience along the way, but the thing that always seems to work. 

It’s really funny. The market, your customers are the experts. So, to me it kind of makes sense to know how they behave, how they buy, what they do, what’s the trigger, what are the reasoning and more importantly, what stops them from buying. So, one of the objections that you need to or the questions that you need to answer to clarify so it makes it easy for them to say this is the right choice. I want to buy this product from you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a USB stick to a, you know, $25,000 info product. That is probably the most number one place where you would spend the most time is to understand the buying behavior of your customer, how they engage, how they make that purchasing decision. And because once you understand that, that’s a license to print money. That could have huge spikes in your eCommerce business.

Most people I believe do not spend any amount of time. The eCommerce people that I speak to, I ask them do you do email marketing back-end testing [inaudible 00:06:36] testing offers, that sort of stuff and they’re still growing their eCommerce businesses because they’re out there doing it like everybody else, they’re trawling and you know, constantly getting in new customers into their business.

However, you’ve got buyers there right now that have actually trusted you enough to actually purchase your product that if you actually understand their buying motivations and take time to look at their data, that’s where you make the big spikes in your sales. And sometimes, it’s the most obscure thing. I’ve seen it time and time again. One of the things that we tested was answering all the questions right on the page of the sales page on the actual where they’re making the purchase. So, at the very, you know, you direct people directly by here. So, the idea is the easiest navigation get to the shopping cart as quickly as possible and out the door. But if you’re answering people’s questions, if you have that right in front of them, they don’t leave the buying page. They actually stay there and they go oh, okay that makes sense and then they’ll buy. So, that one little change to help understand the customer by answering all their questions and one of those pages that I have that we tested this on we have 27 questions that we’ve answered. These are in, it’s generally in the top five. So, the top five questions are what is visible to them and then obviously, all the other little questions that people have. And these questions have evolved through the interactions of our customers, getting to know our customers.

So, it’s really funny that when we did that one little change of actually just saying hey, these are the questions that everybody asks and you might be asking the same question. So, just so you know that you’re make the right decision, here’s why or here are the reasons as to why you should buy, yes. That’s made a huge difference to sales. That was, that’s been massive. We use that page on the sales page. We use that page on the transaction page where the merchant is. We use that page on our thank you page. We’ve tested it in all different areas and it’s really interesting seeing because we track, we’re obviously tracking all the views and all the clicks to make sure that, you know, we’re giving our customers relevant information. This is again going back to knowing how your customer behaves. But I’ve got to tell you that the data that comes from that and the adjustments that you can make, the little things, the little changes can have huge spikes in sales just by doing that.

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