Our optimization process works best with companies that have predictable or stable revenue.  Full optimization services requires website traffic that exceeds 25,000 visitors per month.  Secondly, your company's revenue should exceed $750,000 in annually. This requirement is due to the fact that for any conversion optimization agency, if you work with a low traffic website, the time to reach statistical significance will be too long to make a judgment.  

TsuNAMI Click's CRO Methodology

Using a data-driven approach you can be assured that our decisions are based on science and proof, rather than gut feelings or hunches.  Our basic process is summarized below:


This has to be the most critical aspect of initiating an optimization project. We conduct a complete "soup to nuts" proprietary Conversion Audit of your website. Our audit involves the analysis of not only Quantitative data but also Qualitative Data, Heuristic Analysis, User Behaviors, Heatmaps, Clickmaps, website Visitor Recordings, user surveys, etc.


Simply put, quantitative data collection involves analyzing data that can be quantified, such as a website's Conversion Rate, number of unique visitors, sessions on a page, too name a few. This data is then used to analyze the current state and check the over health of the website.


This involves in-depth analysis of non-numerical data. Think of the word ‘quality’ when you think of qualitative data – collecting and analyzing the qualitative data & visitor behaviour for your website.

Tools and Software Used

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Business adviser analyzing financial figures denoting the progress in the work of the company.


After collecting and analyzing the data there are many ideas to be implemented and multiple areas of the website to work upon that show the potential to increase conversions. 

Identifying the most important leaking holes, so to speak, of the website and prioritizing the implementation of ideas on the areas which can have maximum impact on revenue, is the key aspect of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

We devise a complete testing plan for your website.  


It is absolutely necessary to test any change or idea or element before implementing it on the website. No matter how promising an idea or a design feels like, if you don't test it, it simply a gamble, a hunch, or a guess.

Utilizing a wide range of testing tools, we code the test and split the traffic between original version of the test "subject" and the new variation.

The results of each test will be shared with you and all the winning variations will be made live.

Testing ensures that only those ideas/changes are implemented on the website, which have data driven results.

A/B Testing with VWO software

We Test Our Hypotheses with A/B Testing

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Due to ever changing environment and customer needs, there is always an opportunity for further improvement. The need to optimize the webpages requires constant tweaking, modifying and testing of new ideas, based on the data collected from the previous tests.