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A growth hacker by trade, Harris has been working with brands around the world adapt to digital media for a decade. At Within The Flow, he has built a community of e-commerce professionals aimed at the pooling and sharing of knowledge and resources as well as collectively solving problems.

"Proper Product Research a Must When Getting Started in E-commerce" with Harris Siddiqui

Interview Excerpt Below:

“Grant: Excellent. And if I was a budding E-commerce entrepreneur and I wanted to get into this field, why should we listen to you?

Harris S: Well, I have right now at this moment worked on two very successful E-commerce stores. They both hit six figures in revenues, and they have razor sharp niche markets. Like we started from scratch with no prior knowledge when it came to running online stores, and we’ve … let’s say, spent a significant amount of time learning from the best in the industry.

We’ve spent more time learning than we did working in the store just to be able to solve all the problems that came with it.

The store became successful after a great deal of trial and error and persistence. I’ve gone through every inch of Shopify and Woo Commerce’s innards at this point. So that would be my credentials for this particular industry.

Grant: Nice, and if someone wanted to get a hold of this resource what website would they go to … or any sort of contact information?

Harris: They would go to Within the Flow It’s pronounced Harris but it’s … everyone just calls me Harris.

Grant: Yes, it’s true. And now you’re ready for the big question – if you were working with an E-commerce store owner what would be the one biggest thing or the one thing you would do to make the biggest difference in their profits?

Harris: Now this is something that might sound simple but it actually isn’t. And that is product research. Because when we were starting off we had the resources, we had the [inaudible 00:03:20], we had a domain and whatnot. We basically … we were ready to go, but we didn’t know what to sell. So normally in this situation what someone would do is something like, “Okay, this product looks nice, it has lots of searches on Google. It’s got a nice trend going. Maybe I should start a fidget spinner store.”

Grant: Uh-huh.

Harris: That’s not exactly a good idea. The broad appeal does not always work. They need to have a process established and that process needs to yield numbers in terms of both the product, the budget, and the audiences.

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