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Stephen Antisdel is manager and strategy analyst for Precept Partners. Stephen’s experience includes being an Inc. 500 CEO, writer, speaker and adjunct professor His e-commerce accomplishments have been noted in The Wall Street Journal, NPR, BusinessWeek, Investors’ Business Daily, and other reputable publications.

“Formulate a Killer Strategy FIRST to Drive Sales” with Steve Antisdel

I have to admit I learned a thing or two in this interview.  This one was full of juicy nuggets to get a leg up on your competition.

Steve also schooled me up on Porter’s Five Forces, a concept I had not heard of before, but those tasked to get an MBA should have been well-versed in this subject.

In this interview you will learn:

  1. How to define your competitive advantage
  2. How to leverage Porter’s Five Forces
  3. How to analyze the threat of Amazon against your own e-commerce company

Steve details a little about how they start with strategy and move that to design.

“It is the initial process of working with the client to validate and create their internet strategy. And that means we use a survey first and then we do an interview to really understand who is their customer, what problem are the solving for the customer, how are they doing it differently than their competition, what is their competitive advantage, what makes it sustainable, what are the barriers to entry that they can create for that competitive advantage?

That relates to defining, largely, the strategy. And then it’s a matter of understanding how strategy translates to business model. What are the elements of the business model they’re going to handle internally, what are they going to try and outsource? That’s different with every client. And that determines, in terms of the website, what’s the story we’re telling. And I know you know, the average visitor to a website, you get about six seconds to make your case explaining what does the business do? Why is it believable? Why is it trustworthy? Why is it better than the competition?

And then navigationally, what do you do next? And all of that is a design challenge and it has to be perfectly synced up with the business objectives. What are they trying to do as a client to serve their customer and make that crystal clear in that six seconds. So, the understanding of strategy and business objectives then drives design. So, we can evaluate the website and it’s part of the early process is looking at their website to see how well the site is telling that story, clarifying the USP, and leading the visitor down the conversion path or funnel.”

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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