Episode 2 – Mark Dorsey on How to Grow Your Store’s Reach

Mark Dorsey - Bonanza.com

Director of Happiness and Co-founder

Mark is the Vice President of Business Development & Co-founder at Bonanza. Mark is responsible for increasing Bonanza's market position by identifying, developing, negotiating, and closing opportunities that align with Bonanza's core values.

Mark joined Bill in mid-2008 to help launch Bonanza to the masses. Mark's upbeat, get-stuff-done attitude was exactly what Bonanza needed to field the many inquiries being generated by Bonanza users each day. Mark put together one of the most acclaimed support teams in eCommerce that continues to "wow" customers each day.

Prior to joining Bonanza, Mark founded Dorsey Floral LLC, which was named one of Deloitte's Fastest Growing Companies in Washington State.

How to Expand Your Store’s Reach via Bonanza.com

Interview Excerpt Below:

“Mark: Well, for example, if you wanted to sell some items that you received from a relative that had recently passed, and you were looking to sell those items online, you would identify Bonanza as being a channel for you. You would start off at Bonanza, and you would utilize a lot of the advertising that we have in Bonanza, which is basically we’re advertising your items on your behalf to Google Shopping. And then, if you wanted to get more exposure, you could push a button and automatically have your items listed on eBay. You could push another button and automatically have them listed on Shopify or another channel, and synchronize those, and utilize all of the advertising platforms that we have within Bonanza.

We also have a lot of different tools. Let’s just say that you weren’t too savvy in marketing online. We have tools that help you identify the best titles and the best descriptions and attributes for your items, so that those items pop in search engines. So, you can compete with people who are having large advertising budgets, and you could also help buyers find your items by putting the right keywords in your description and help them find the items that they’re looking for as well.

Grant: That’s pretty slick. I like that idea. So, once again, we’ve got Mark Dorsey here with Bonanza.com. Are there any closing comments you’d like to make before we wrap it up here?

Mark: Yeah, I think eCommerce is just beginning. I think that people see the boom of eCommerce going on right now and they think, “Oh my goodness.” But we are in the very infancy of what eCommerce is going be and what it’s going become. And you’re seeing a lot of trials and errors by companies, and one of the ones that comes to mind is Amazon. You can see a lot of different businesses that they’re doing, and a lot of different ways that they’re going.

And what that people who are creating the rules for the future of eCommerce. If you pay attention to those rules, you could see how that’s going possibly affect your business moving forward, and make changes to your business based upon where eCommerce is going. But there are a lot of companies out there, eCommerce companies that are making it very, very compelling to go online and make purchases online versus going out and doing it in public, you know, going to a mall and stuff. So, I would say as a merchant who looks to have a future eCommerce, pay attention to the trends that you’re seeing, and customize your business to meet those trends, because we are just at the beginning of a revolution in eCommerce.”


Hope you enjoy the interview!

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