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Grant Segall

 Grant Segall 


I asked each expert below the same question, which is the premise for 10 Minutes to E-commerce Success, what is the one thing or best way to grow an e-commerce store's profits? 

Episode 16 – Robin Smith on Differentiation and Complex Integration of Data
Robin Smith - VL OMNI   Co-Founder      Since 1994, VL Omni has been automating and integrating data for the omnichannel[...]
Episode 15 – Harris Siddiqui on Product Research Determines what to Sell
Harris Siddiqui - Within the Flow  Founder     A growth hacker by trade, Harris has been working with brands around the[...]
Episode 14 – Michelle Stinson Ross on Optimizing Paid and Organic Search
Michelle Stinson Ross - Gruen Agency VP of Marketing and Sales    As the VP of Marketing and Sales, I am Gruen[...]
Episode 13 – Rishi Rawat – Reducing Cognitive Load Increases Sales
Rishi Rawat - Frictionless Commerce Founder  Frictionless Commerce: Specializes in helping brands convert first-time buyers? How do we do this? We use[...]
Episode 12 – Thom O’Leary – Focus on the Little Details for Long-Term Growth
Thom O'Leary - Fixer Group Consulting    President ​​Thom O’Leary is the President of FIXER Group Consulting.  He specializes in massive growth[...]
Episode 11 – Kristin Marquet – Using PR and Pinterest to Break the Bank
Kristin Marquet - Creative Development Agency   Founder & Creative Director ​​With a no B.S. attitude, Kristin is the founder and managing[...]
Episode 10 – John Logar – Know Your Customer
John Logar - Consulting Unleashed  Founder ​​For the last 25 years as a sales professional, marketing consultant, trainer, international speaker and coach,[...]
Episode 9 – Brian Lim Talks Shark Tank & Sustainable Growth
Brian Lim - The Emazing Group     Founder & CEO  Since 2010, The Emazing Group has been the comprehensive e-commerce solution[...]
Episode 8 – Kent Lewis on Slow Equals Less Sales
Kent Lewis - Anvil Media   President  ​​As President and Founder of Anvil Media, Inc., Kent Lewis is responsible for ensuring the[...]
Episode 7 – Danielle Lewis on Finding Influencers to Grow Sales
Danielle Lewis - CEO & co-founder ​​Danielle is the co-founder & CEO of Scrunch, a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform helping to[...]
Episode 6 – Dave Hermansen on the Entrepreneur Trap
Dave Hermansen - The "Store Coach" After various offline (aka real-world) entrepreneurial ventures, Dave  Hermansen got started in eCommerce[...]
Episode 5 – Simar Gujral on Optimize Your Checkout Procedure to Ramp Sales
Simar Gujral - Optiphoenix.comManaging Director & Lead Conversion Specialist  Simar's company is a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agency based out of[...]
Episode 4 – Michael Epstein on Three Metrics to Grow Over 200%
Michael Epstein - Empire Growth Group Principal Michael knows first-hand how to craft successful brands and profitable businesses.Starting with just a[...]
Episode 3 – Damien Elsing on Giveaways as a Growth Idea
Damien Elsing - several years as a freelance marketing copywriter working with agencies and brands such as Telstra and[...]
Episode 2 – Mark Dorsey on How to Grow Your Store’s Reach
Mark Dorsey - Director of Happiness and Co-founder Mark is the Vice President of Business Development & Co-founder at[...]
Episode 1 – Steve Antisdel on How to Carve Out a Killer Strategy
Stephen Antisdel - Precept Partners Managing Partner ​Stephen Antisdel is manager and strategy analyst for Precept Partners. Stephen’s experience includes being[...]