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After various offline (aka real-world) entrepreneurial ventures, Dave  Hermansen got started in eCommerce in 2003. At that time, there was very little information available on the web about how to build and market an online store. With nothing more than a $50 e-book he purchased on how to build a Yahoo store, Dave largely learned eCommerce through trial and error. Over the years, he would participate in several Internet Marketing and SEO programs/courses, though he still credits most of his "education" to his hands-on experience through the 60+ stores he's built and operated.

Today, Dave is one of the web's most notable Internet marketers, particularly in the realm of eCommerce and drop shipping. He is well-known for his work with Store Coach and for his continued, prolonged success with over 60 profitable eCommerce stores for a decade and counting. Working alongside his brothers, Dave has helped thousands of eager students - newbies and experienced veterans alike - through the process of finding a niche, sourcing products, building a store, getting it ranked and maximizing its profits.

"Two Critical Pieces of Advice for E-commerce Success" with Dave Hermansen the "Store Coach"


Interview Excerpt Below:

“Grant: Yeah. That’s a lot of validation that what you’re doing is working. Turning to the big question of the day, if you had one thing, one piece of advice, or one technique or strategy that an eCommerce store owner could use to increase their profit substantially, what would that be?

Dave: Well, can I give two pieces of advice that I give to everybody starting up that asks me what my advice is?

Grant: Sure, go ahead. We’ll take two.

Dave: All right. One of them is to … this might sound kind of cliché and generic, but truly the biggest piece of advice I can give to somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur or is an entrepreneur and wants to create an online or even an offline business, and that would be to focus on a single project. I would be extremely, extremely wealthy and probably not working very much if I had followed that advice from day one, because entrepreneurs naturally have the mindset that they want to launch businesses. Everything they see that they think is a good idea, they do. I still fight this today, but if you can truly focus on a project and not even consider another one until you have it to a maintenance point, it’s doing well and you have other people running it, you’re going to have a lot more success than if you try to do five or six or, like us, try to do 50 at a time. That’s the biggest piece of advice.

The second thing is there are very few hard and fast rules in SEO or eCommerce or any form of Internet business. It’s really all about putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and testing and looking at the data and using some common sense, because every single niche in every single business model is different. That’s why there are no blueprints. There’s no clear-cut way of here’s’ how you get from zero to a million dollars. We basically try to teach all the principles and try to teach people how to evolve and how to use the data that they get to become more profitable over time. Really just keep your mind open and take the data you get and just try to evolve to become more and more profitable over time.

Grant: Ah, that’s great, because there’s no magic bullet, there’s no magic formula. I see those courses out there all the time saying just follow my system and you’ll be doing seven figures by Christmas.

Dave: Yeah, those pitches are to make the sellers money not the student’s money.”

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