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CEO & co-founder 

Danielle is the co-founder & CEO of Scrunch, a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform helping to connect brands, publishers and agencies to the right Influencers for their campaign. 

Danielle has a background in fashion design, blogging and enterprise sales - but her heart really belongs to travel and coffee. 10 years ago she started the blog Brisbane Threads while pursuing a career in enterprise sales for Australia's largest telecommunications company. It was through this blog that the world of digital Influencers and their challenges would interest her so much that she threw-in a rising career to pursue the world of technology startups. 5 years later, Danielle has successfully raised over $3 Million in equity, built a world-class team and launched a SaaS platform in Australia and the US. Next stop, Margaritas in Mexico.  

"Learn to Use the Power of Influencers to Grow Your Brand" with Danielle Lewis

Interview Excerpt Below:

“Danielle: Yeah, absolutely. I think the biggest reason why people want to work with us is because of the data that we have. There’s influencer marketing and it’s so easy to become an influencer these days. You could set up an Instagram account, build a following, so brands or e-commerce owners find it really difficult to pinpoint which influencer is right for them because there are millions of them out there now. What we do is we make it super easy to sift through those influencers and find the right ones for you. Instead of it being a really laborious time-intensive job to filter through millions and millions of influencers, we give them access to say, “I sell this kind of product and ship to this location. I’ve got this kind of budget to spend,” and we’ll shortlist down in seconds. It makes it really easy for people to tap into this new marketing channel.

Grant: That’s really interesting. Let’s say I sell, I don’t know, yoga accessories or something. You would look for someone that … maybe like an actress or someone that practices yoga? Or how would that work exactly? I’m just kind of going to get some clarification here.

Danielle: Sure. Let’s say you sell yoga mats. What we would do is we would jump into the Scrunch platform and we would look for anybody that talks about yoga. Some of those people might be celebrities. Some of them might be health and fitness bloggers. Some might be yogis that have a fabulous Instagram account. Then, typically the next step is what your budget is, so if you have a lot of money to spend, you might want to work with a celebrity, but if you don’t, you might want to filter down all of those results by people that have maybe 50,000 followers and less. We call those micro-influencers and then reach out to them to start a campaign and talk about your brand of yoga mats. You might even send them a free yoga mat so that they can try it and take some photos of it themselves. Then when they post that out onto their own Instagram page or they might review your brand on their blog and link back to your website, that’s when their followers can see your brand, click through to your website, and hopefully make a purchase.

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