Episode 3 – Damien Elsing on Giveaways as a Growth Idea

Damien Elsing - clck.com.au

After several years as a freelance marketing copywriter working with agencies and brands such as Telstra and Westpac, Damien found a common problem: most businesses want to use content marketing, but they're going about it all wrong!

It's hard for people in business to stop "selling" and start "giving". But it's only once they manage to make this shift that they start to see real results from content and inbound marketing. 

So Damien founded a digital agency -
CLCK Digital. They work with both B2B and B2C clients across Australia, planning and implementing ongoing inbound marketing programs.

"Using Giveaways to Grow Your Profits" with Damien Elsing

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“Damien: Okay, well, there is something we’ve been using more recently, with a couple of our e-commerce clients, which has been working in great, and that is running a competition. So, you can either do it when the company’s established. Or we’re actually using, right now, as a pre-launch strategy with a particular e-commerce client. But the way it works is that you get the client to create or offer some kind of free prize, and so, it might be you.

In our example, this one client is giving a $500 toolkit …

Grant: Okay

Damien: And it contains, yeah, $500 worth of tools, basically. So, it’s cheap for them, because they’re getting it wholesale, but the retail value to the customer is fairly high. The bigger the prize, the better, so, if you can get a couple thousand dollars’ worth of prize, that’s great, as well. And then, what we do is, we use some software. There’s lots of software out there to create a viral contest. So, I won’t name all the brands, but if you just look for viral contest software, you can find it.

Then you create a learning page, a very simple learning page, is what we’ve found works best. You don’t want it to be complicated. You just really want, name and email address, and then, image of the prize, and then, a little bit of copy describing what ‘s in it, and the value of it. And then, what we’ve been doing, is running ad campaigns, driving traffic from Facebook, straight to this learning page. What we’ve been getting is around … We started off getting around 20 cents per email, for the first, sort of 500. The cost starts creeping up, so it depends on the size of your audience. In this case, we were targeting a very specific demographic on Facebook.

But if you had a more general e-commerce store, you could really keep the costs down very low per email. So, the whole goal here is to add tons of people to your email list, and then, follow up with them a few weeks later, with your specialists, and things like that.

The thing is, that makes it so cheap … firstly, it’s just the competition. People just love to enter contests, and all they try to do is get their name and email address. But, secondly, it’s the viral nature, and using this software, you can have, like, a leaderboard, and they enter the competition. Then you send them to the thank you page, and it says, “Share this with your friends to get more entries.”

That’s basically got us, one free … for everyone who we’ve paid to sign up, we’re getting a free signup, as a result of the viral software that we use to run it. So, if you add up the cost of the prize, and the cost of the ads, and the time to run it, it works out very cheap. You can easily add a few thousand email addresses to your list. And, as anyone listening to this who’s got an e-commerce store will know, email is the biggest driver, really, of repeat business.”


Hope you enjoy the interview!

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