CRO Plan

 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Plan for Minimum 15% Uplift - 90 Day Plan

Proof of Concept Conversion Optimization Plan | 90 Days CRO Plan

Weeks 1 to 4

Initial Research & Analysis of Your Website

  • Begin Tracking Visitor Behavior
  • Gather Qualitative Research and Analysis
    which includes surveys, customer feedback, etc.
  • Gather Quantitative Research and Analysis - heat maps, scroll maps, Google Analytics Review and more...
  • Interpret visitor recordings, conduct form analysis, etc.
CRO plan for conversions

Week 5

Report and Presentation

  • Present Your Conversion Audit Report 
  • The Report will highlight the key insights of your website analysis
  • Present a CRO plan based on our conversion science process to fix all the "money leaking holes" on your website.
  • The CRO plan will include 10-15 hypotheses we which to test to see if they will outperform the control.

Weeks 6 to 8

Begin Initial A/B Testing

  • Setup and run initial tests to optimize the conversion rate using A/B testing setup with VWO software
  • Present the Results from the initial tests - Report and show the improvement observed vs. control
A/B Testing with VWO software

We Test Our Hypotheses with A/B Testing

Weeks 9 to 12

Additional Testing

  • Continue running A/B Tests, one by one as listed in the CRO test plan
  • Calculate the overall gain in conversion rate generated by the plan
  • Present the "Post 3 Months Report" to you with documented results

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services work best for those companies that have steady revenues and over 25 thousand (25,000) unique visitors to their website every month.  We can work will lower traffic figures, but the testing will take slightly longer.  Thanks for considering! 

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