Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – What You Need to Know

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a wonderful methodology that can be used for providing a great opportunity for the businesses of all sizes.

This methodology involves the scientific approach of optimization of the websites and enabling the businesses and the organizations to convert many more visitors into subscribers or customers.

The best part is that even very small changes can bring out a big difference. Not everyone is able to determine these changes.

Here is a brief overview which may facilitate you in knowing more facts about conversion rate optimization and how to execute it. You may start a testing program and measure the possible results within a stipulated period.

CRO is of great significance for the founders of startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers and several others who are looking forward to improve the conversion rates on their newly launched or existing websites.

CRO can be effectively used by different types of organizations which majorly include the SaaS businesses, e-Commerce stores, political campaigns and non-profit organizations.

Internet marketing is undoubtedly the latest sensation and it can be optimally used for generating a lot of revenue for your business in two major ways:

  1. The first way is to drive more number of traffic to your business site for the purpose of increasing the sales.
  2. The second way is to improve the effectiveness of the website in order to boost sales with the existing traffic in the website. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is meant for achieving the second way.

With the implementation of conversion rate optimization, you will be able to evaluate your business website’s sales funnel in order to identify the ways to get higher percentage of people signing up for your offered service or product.

After this step, you may try out a hypothesis and then a test in order to determine if there are any loopholes in our website or any of the web pages. Then in order to correct the same, you may consider creating a new version of your website which would ideally help in getting much more visitors signing up or purchasing from your website.

After the implementation of the CRO methodology in a proper form, you may be able to determine the difference in the number of visitors and conversion before and after implementation of CRO. It certainly helps you in convincing many more people to buy your offered product or service.

In the process of the implementation of CRO, you may notice that the expert implementer would bring in some big and small changes in the layout, copy and the design as well.

All the mentioned parameters are optimized to the best level in order to attract more and more prospective customers to purchase your service or product.

For example, a well-known e-commerce company once changed a single word in the “call-to-action” page of their website and reaped a 221% increase in the leads in their homepage which is freakin’ awesome.

The example quoted above is certainly an outcome which is desirable by several big, mid and small businesses.

The best part is that even very small changes can bring out a big difference. Not everyone is able to determine these changes.

It is only the CRO experts having extensive experience in internet marketing would be able to implement certain effective changes for bringing in a significant impact on the bottom line.

This is obvious that the effective testing is the most critical process in the overall methodology of conversion rate optimization process. Without a proper testing, you have no other way other than relying on the gut feeling that you may have. These gut instincts may not always yield the desirable results.

There are several tests which you may run eventually in order to test the different headlines, various newly introduced value propositions, various button colors and effective call-to-action copy and several more things. Each of the mentioned changes has the opportunity for impacting the conversions positively.

Value Proposition of Implementation of Conversion Rate Optimization

This is a general perception that conversion rate optimization can be effectively implemented as it has the right potential of generating more sales volume from the same amount of the traffic in your website.

This does not make much sense to shed a lot of money into PPC or several other digital marketing methodologies.

Instead some amount of money can be utilized in implementing CRO to effectively convert the current traffic in your website into leads or sales. Alongside if you are also running a campaign to drive more traffic in your website along with a CRO campaign, you are bound to get even more increased results for your digital marketing initiatives and efforts.

Is Testing Inevitable in a CRO Campaign?

This is a very common query that whether it is really required to conduct a test in a CRO campaign or it is alright to learn from other peoples’ experiences.

As per the experts, when it comes to the methodology of conversion rate optimization, there are several people who think of doing the same but do not usually end up in doing so.

For many people, they are inclined to copy the tests that were performed on the successful CRO campaigns on other websites. But this is not at all the scientific methodology of conducting a CRO campaign.

Different websites have different things to offer, so a fixed formula is not applicable universally.

When you are copying someone else’s method, you are not very sure that whether you will be receiving the same results as they have received as all websites are different from each other.

A particular company may have changed that call to action (CTA) button from green to red and have increased their conversions by 21%. This may not be true for your website as well.

Maybe the red colored button is a better complement with that particular website’s design but is not suitable as per your website’s design. So, unless you conduct a test, you may not be able to determine the effective changes for your website.

So, if you have not yet adopted a conversion rate optimization campaign for your website, you may contact us for expert services in this domain. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you as per the customized needs of your website.  We’ll review some areas for improvement, discuss our methodology, and explain our guarantee for a minimum uplift in conversions.

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