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A/B Testing – A Quick Guide for Enhancing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A/B Testing can be a challenge for many business owners.  Figuring what to test, is as important as the test itself.

It is part of an active approach to conversion rate optimization, which does not stop at the conversion goal (more opt-ins, more leads, etc.), as many people think.

In fact, having the proper tools and strategy, conversion optimization may become an addictive culture in your business as well as a science.

Beginning with a well-defined hypothesis, each and every stage offer actionable, valuable data that produce perfect results for your website.

But, What is Conversion Optimization (CRO) Exactly?

Well, Conversion Rate Optimization or simply Conversion Optimization (CRO) is a system of raising the number of traffic or visitors to a site that has an intention of turning or converting them into customers.

It’s a technique of using analytics plus user feedback to improve the overall performance of your website.

CRO may be applied to improve any individual metric on your site which is crucial to your online business and is often referred as a Key Performance Indicator or KPI.

It’s associated with acquiring new clients, customer registrations or sign ups, downloads, or some desired action (driving people to watch you favorite cat video).

Basically CRO means figuring out what visitors are searching, specifically once they arrive at your website and providing that to them.

It takes many different forms, depending on the KPI  you are trying to improve.

Sometimes, it even involves making your call-to-action apparent or initiating it on a heavy-traffic but under-optimized page.

Other times, it means removing or just relocating complicated or time-consuming procedures, such as filing out a form with a crazy number of fields, especially from your site’s conversion funnel.

GOAL: In this article, you will get more detailed information concerning A/B Testing Platform that can lay the foundation for an effective Conversion Rate Optimization strategy as well as ensuring that you are maximizing your ROI.

A/B Testing is one of the best tools for CRO.

It enables you to pit various versions of your website page against each other and also funnel your site visitors or traffic into each version to determine which design may result in the most successful user experience.

For instance, it determines whether more people click the “Add to Cart” button in either A or B version.

Most of the A/B tests ideas are simple, but proper A/B testing services ensure that it is easy and fun to operate and run many tests quickly.

You’ll start observing results pour in about how your traffic reacts to different variations.

A/B Testing platforms can ignite your conversion optimization, particularly when integrated with other services.

What to Test Using A/B Testing

Your choice entirely depends on the goals you want to achieve.

For instance, if you intend to increase the percentage of sign-ups in your site, then you may test the following: types of fields available in the form, length of the form, the display of  a privacy policy among others.

In this case, the goal of A/B testing is to figure out what exactly prevents people from signing up.

Is it the length of the form intimidating?  Test forms with less fields or less pieces of contact information.

Does the website do a bad job of persuading visitors to sign up?

All these questions may have solutions by testing the necessary site elements.

Individual components of A/B test are usually tested, even though every test is unique. They include:

  1. Headline and product description
  2. The call-to-actions such as click buttons, wording, color, size, etc.
  3. Types of fields and the length of the sign-up forms
  4. Style and layout of the website
  5. Promotional offers and product pricing
  6. Images on product and landing pages
  7. The amount of texts on your web page, either short or long.

Benefits of an A/B Test for Conversion Optimization

Most companies are currently discovering that data and information are just as much of a product as the services and items they offer.

Regardless of involving a product, content, and service on a site, modern enterprise is all about building value for your clients.

Providing value to the customers is certainly crucial, but you should have a means to measure this value as well.

Currently, the best data-driven businesses not only store and analyze data, but also create actionable data by using A/B testing.

To provide you with a better understanding of how this testing works plus how it may assist your business, the following are some benefits of using an A/B testing tool for the conversion optimization in your website.

Improved Content Engagement

Whenever you produce two versions of a blog post, article, landing page, or any other form of content on your site, A/B testing method allows you to gauge which version attracts more clients or interaction and user engagement.

While you are in the process of testing, you are forced to evaluate each and every aspect of content you want to build and test.

As you consider and make variables for your A/B testing, you can also create big lists of potential improvements.

As a result, the simple act of running a test on the web page’s content invariably ensures that your final versions are better for your clients.

Increased Conversion Rates

Currently, in the digital world, the ultimate objective for any form of content on a business site is to convert the visitors into customers.

Conversions Rates Optimization is what makes or breaks any online company, and you will not be in business for long without them.

A/B testing is the easiest and most efficient method of finding a way to create content that usually converts more visitors into real buyers.

Once you take your time to craft two versions of content for your Web Page carefully, it is relatively easy to discover what works and what does not.

If you do your A/B testing properly, especially using two versions of page content, it will assist you to convert more leads.

A/B testing not only help in converting more site visitors into customers but also helps you achieve higher conversion values.

If you get a page/form design that seems to be converting, it does not mean that you should just leave as it is forever.

A/B test with a more refined version is initiated to increase conversions for the expensive or precious items plus services.

In fact, you can just find that clients are willing to jump to the more expensive option that is perceived to offer great value.

Key Factors for Successful A/B Testing

Choosing a proper A/B testing software is one of the best ways in achieving your success.

Other factors, like avoiding false positive, determining what to test, and garnering organization-wide support for A/B testing are also crucial.

Below are some specific factors to consider, especially when planning for an A/B test:

What Should You Want to Test?

A/B testing may assist you to select the best-performing color for your “call-to-action” button, but it is not only limited to that. The button color may not be an adequate test that will succeed.

A large number of A/B tests result to nothing at all where version A and B perform similarly.

The testing is not conducted in a vacuum, but many resources can assist you to create a test that will yield desirable results.

The best place to start with is to understand what is in the minds of your website visitors and customers through qualitative feedback tools.

Testing Requires Dedicated Resources

A/B testing tends to be less successful, especially when employees having other full-time responsibilities, just like any other role. Therefore, it becomes a one-off task instead of a continuous process of improvement.

In fact, many experts conclude that, when a web analyst is in control of A/B testing, it cannot get the ultimate attention it deserves.

Also to put together a team that is dedicated to testing and of course, optimizing your website, it is also crucial to get the entire company involved. This includes allowing test ideas from anyone in that organization, not just the team undertaking the tests.

Understand what Statistical Significance Means

Most A/B testing tools track statistical significance of a particular test as it runs.

For instance, it tells you that the new variation has an 85% chance of out-performing the original one consistently.

However, the standard perfect practice is that a test is required to run until it attains a 95% confidence level which means that there is 5% chance that the winner is a false positive.

Furthermore, there are some other factors you need to consider beyond the confidence level that is calculated by the A/B testing tool.

In fact, most experts recommend that the test is supposed to run for at least a week and be exposed to a specified amount of traffic, even if the statistical significance is already achieved.

When you establish a new website, product, or even an email campaign that is specifically designed for a broad audience, you can take various testing measures to ensure that it is successful.

Many people want to understand what is best for their customers, specifically what will make them happy.

A/B testing is a vital secret ingredient or just a unique flavoring to build a hot product that your visitors will love. Currently, the customer-centered vision plays a significant role to success in any business domain.

The real-time feedback is crucial, especially when implementing your Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO Plan.

The data received from your clients can be used to optimize any region of your website depending on the behavior of your customers.

A/B testing assist you to improve the content you provide by regularly checking the possible theories that work and selecting the most successful one.

It will be clear which variant makes the clients navigate deeper through the site, spend more time interacting, put a like, sign up to get additional information, comment, or purchase your product.

Instead of reading and making wild guesses, you just initiate a test and finally find the winning approach.

If properly used, A/B testing may assist you to improve your enterprise and also raise its profitability.

Ensure you make more from that analytical data that you receive every day and store it.

Note that even slight changes in conversion rates of your site can bring significant and positive results in sales and also in lead generation.

However, do not forget performance testing which should be considered as a part of your optimization and design.

Most of the Web pages, even a small page load increase may foul something that can be a winning design.

Alongside other tests, page load speed and page size must also be tested.

Consider This Before Embarking on an Optimization Campaign

All you need to perform A/B tests is a team of about four people and the proper software to run A/B tests.

The team should be made up of a designer or front-end developer, an engineer, and a business analyst or the product owner.

Ensure that your designer can think critically and carry out tests.

The product person must have the skills to analyze the tests as they happen which will cut down the costs of moving to another department for a test result.

You also need to select a metric. However, The metric you choose may probably not tell the entire test story.

In fact, plenty of smart people has been puzzled by their test results.

Therefore, you will be required to look at lots of various metrics to figure out when changes happen. Who will do all these for you?

For professional and highly-specialized A/B testing, or if you want to explore a Conversion Optimization Review of your website, click here to contact us.  We will show you what is possible, whether or not we are a good fit, and discuss our guarantee for a minimum conversion rate uplift.